HKS (Healthy, Kind Support) Accountability Group November 18th

Good Saturday morning Blendfriends! It is the start of a 2-week vacation for me, so it’s a great morning.

I’m trying to keep my expectations for the next 2 weeks in check. I tend to make a long list of things that I want to do when I am on vacation, like home/cleaning/organizing projects, movies to watch, outings, etc., and then I get disappointed when I don’t get through my entire list. As if everything must be crammed within my vacation time. As if I can’t do those things throughout the month. So this time, I am listing only one thing per day, which will be achievable. And today, it will be baking, because I haven’t done it in a long time and I want to try a new recipe. Which one, I don’t know yet.

What are your plans for today? Are you generally trying to rest as much as possible on the weekends, or get as much done as possible? Do you feel the pressure of doing things on the weekend that you don’t have time or energy for during the work week?

Wishing everyone a pressure-free and fun Saturday! 🙂