Thoughts from a male FB user/subscriber

Hi there! I've wanted to share some thoughts with the FB community for a long time. I'm very interested in reading what you think about this topic.

A bit of context: I found FB in April 2020 after almost breaking my ankle and having the physical therapist tell me that my fitness condition was not great for a 28 year-old guy. In an effort to keep the momentum from the therapy sessions, my wife and I tried a few fitness content creators, but we didn't enjoy working out while a commando-like instructor yelled at us the whole time. For two introverts locked down in a 40 m2 apartment, discovering Kelli and Daniel's kind approach + the white background was a true blessing.

We haven't stopped working out with FB ever since. We love the healthy and approachable way in which fitness habits are presented. It's safe to say that FB completely changed our individual relationship with exercise. In my case, I've felt challenged with every workout and benefitted greatly from things I used to overlook, such as pilates and stretching.

So my question is: why does it look like not too many men come around here?

My guess is it's mostly a cultural thing. Most of the guys I know who work out regularly (a) have gym subscriptions, (b) go for goals like bulk and beach bodies and (c) are really into their macros and supplements. The thing is most of these guys do not fit the alpha-male stereotype, except in this one department. I have mentioned FB to a few of them, and the reaction I get usually sounds like 'really? shouldn't you be doing harder workouts?'

As we all know, gyms are designed to have their users on display, and their marketing is heavily targeted towards the goals I just mentioned and not much more really. By contrast, Fitness Blender offers a holistic, stripped-back, no-nonsense approach to exercise and healthy lifestyle in general. I know for a fact that the cardio, strength and HIIT workouts here are as challenging as one wants to make them (if that's what you are looking for), but there is also pilates, yoga, mindfulness, stretching, healthy recipes, and many other awesome features. FB is not your typical "no pain no gain" environment, which is one of the things that make it wonderful (please never change that!). And yet somehow that is exactly the mindset a large number of men seem to pursue when it comes to exercise.

So what do you think? Could that be the reason guys my age gravitate towards other types of content?

I thank Kelli & Daniel (and the entire team!) for promoting awareness about what a healthy lifestyle really looks like, as opposed to what the culture sells. I hope this mindset reaches more and more men too.

I look forward to reading your ideas!