Training plan for enhanced hiking performance


Ive been quiet a long time now, my summer/autumn consisted of heavy workload and hiking almost every weekend (made some amazing achievements there but about that some other time).

After the last hike I realised I need some complementary training for maintenance and improvements when Im not hiking. My knees also told me that. Also Id like to step up my hiking game and climb some serious mountains (2000+ m).

Ive been having trouble getting into regular exercise again, with writing my dissertation thesis and life in general. BUT today I managed to get a workout done! Ive started FB Jumpstart and made the workout plan suitable for getting back to exercise (workouts every other day or even the day after that), Im aiming to increase the strength of my muscles and joints (knees - Im looking at you!), so that I wont literally fall apart after a serious hike. I feel excited to start exercising regularly again!

If you have any tips for working out to improve hiking performance, Id love to hear them! :)

Have a great day everyone!

(P.S. I will add some photos from my hikes in the comments as well)