Weekend Ghosting: Sat, Nov 18th

Gooood Mooorning ladies,

I hope you're as as ready as I am for this check-in because it's going to be a traditional Rambling Inge Show again. I'll immediately get the picture out of the way, by showing you this gorgeous morning sky taken right from my front door this morning. It's about an hour and a half later now and the sun is shining brightly even though it's rather chilly outside.

There, that's one thing checked off... Next, workouts...

Did you? Didn't you? Are you going to? Or not? Do you feel tempted or can't you be bothered? Just throw it in the group, no judgement here...

Yes for me, I'm on Day 6 of FB Mass which I'm doing with my bestest buddy Karen. It was optional stretching time today and I did the scheduled oldie with Kelli and I added Brian's latest Active Recovery Reboot 2. Both were just what I needed after a week of HIIT-ing and swinging weights around in torturous Tasha style.



Okay, that's another check done.... Onto the yummie stuff: dinner.

What's cooking today? And I don't mean in your head but on the stove. I'm making an oven dish with chicory wrapped in ham slices, topped with cheese sauce and some extra shredded cheese to give it a nice crust. I'll make some mashed potatoes with it and that should do it for this evenings dinner. Hubs and Yuna love it, I'll eat it but let's just say I won't be having seconds. It's rather filling, not to say heavy but it's also rather low budget and with food prices going up so fast these days it's a win-win, no?

Which brings me smoothly to the next topic: the question or questions in this case. These ones are probably totally none of my business, but I'm asking anyway. Please don't feel obliged to answer, you know I'm a nosy bugger and who knows, maybe you ladies have some great tips or trics.

Do you shop on a budget? Do you use coupons? Do you keep track of your finances?

For me, I set up a weekly budget for groceries, I try to stay within and mostly I manage but of course there are times when I don't or can't. I check promotions, use coupons sometimes (don't find them here in France a lot) and indeed do keep track of my finances. I keep my receipts and fill in -I thinks it's called- a household book? Sounds very structured and disciplined I know and it probably is, but it works for me. And guess what, probably again no surprise but I'm like that with everything in my life.😲

Come to think of it, I might have asked this question before... I've checked my list of already asked questions and can't see it but as always feel free to skip this question entirely and just tell us about your day. That's more than enough and I'm already more than happy you're willing to check-in with me here.

Right, enough rambling from me for today, got to keep some for tomorrow. Thanks for reading and I'll be here later to see what you ladies have been up to.

For now, have a great day!!🥰